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ChoosePill components is a small business located in Berlin, Germany. Most of us develop with and for Borland Delphi from the first version on. We're designing not only components but also real-life applications for quite a long time. Thus we have reached a level of experience helping us to design new components, which are efficient, easy to use and well-equipped. Most component concepts arise from our own needs, while developing applications. As every developer knows, components are a great means to disconnect application-logic from user-interface-only code. And this results in a shorter development cycle and helps cutting down expenses.

Our components made our programming-life easier, so we decided to share them with the rest of the developer community. A total uncrippled version of all components can be downloaded right here at the website, so you can evaluate if they help you solving specific tasks. The components are free for non-commercial users, but everyone who is profiting materially from using them is required to pay us a relatively small fee. These fees are typically much lower than the amount a good developer earns per hour. So they help you indeed cutting down development expenses or otherwise you should be able to develop a similar component in less than an hour!

After having purchased a component you will receive the complete source code which helps you in several ways:

  • if there should ever be the need: you're able to make your own changes in the source code
  • if you're developing components too, you can learn from the source
  • when debugging you can trace into our sources to see exactly what's happening

You have to pay for a component only once. That means updates for new compiler versions and bug fixes are absolutely free.
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update 08/18/2000

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