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When I drop a ConfigTreeView on the form I don't have any images in front of the items! Even the checkbox and radiobutton items don't have their default images. Why?

You have to assign an ImageList to the Images property of the ConfigTreeView, otherwise no images will be drawn.

At design time the checkbox and radiobutton items do not show their images, but if I open the Items editor they are drawn correctly!

This is by design and happens only with Delphi 5. The update #1 for Delphi 5 introduced beside other things the AdvancedCustomDrawing feature of the TreeView which is used to draw the Images for checkbox and radiobutton nodes. Because this was a minor update, Borland was forced to use the DesignInfo property of TTreeView to store some FontHandles as they weren't allowed to change the interface section of any unit. Because the DesignInfo property is necessary at design time, AdvancedCustomDrawing does not work there. This was fixed in Delphi 6.

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update 09/19/2003

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