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 Toolbar2000 convert utility

Toolbar2000 converter utility

This is a small design time package which adds a "Import Items from..." menu item to the context menu of a TTBToolbar. If you click on this, a dialog will pop up where you can choose from which component you want to import items.
The basic package supports importing from TMainMenu, TPopupMenu, TMenuItem and TToolbar. All items are imported and the appropriate properties will be copied, so that you will end up with a usable menu or toolbar. If you've used TActions no additional code has to be changed.
This package works with D5, D6 and D7 and was tested Toolbar2000 version 2.0.15.
There is also an additional package which is capable of importing items from Toolbar97. This package works also with D5, D6 and D7 and in addition requires Toolbar97 version 1.75 or higher.

If you want to learn more about Toolbar200 or Toolbar97, visit

The converter is freeware and you can download it with complete source code! We would like to hear any suggestions for improvements, bug reports or anything else, so send them in please!





 Version 2.0

16 kB

Free utility to import items from normal menus and toolbars into Toolbar2000. Source code included. Requires Toolbar2000 0.50 or higher.

 Version 2.0

4 kB

Free utility which enables TB2KImport to import items from Toolbar97 too. Source code included. Requires Toolbar2000 0.50 or higher, Toolbar97 1.75 and TB2KImport 1.0.

How to install

Copy all files into an empty directory and open the tb2kimport_dx.dpk (*_d5 for Delphi 5 and so on). Press Install and you are done.
For the Toolbar97 import package (TB2KImpTb97) open the appropriate tb2kimptb97_dx.dpk package and install that too. Note that you have to install the generic TB2KImport package first, as it is required by the Toolbar97 import package. In addition make sure you have the Toolbar2000 (and Toolbar97) packages installed.
IMPORTANT: After downloading and installing more recent Toolbar2000 versions, make sure you recompile the import package(s). Otherwise you may receive irregular exceptions!

How to extend the converter

The converter can easily be extended to support importing from other controls. Therefore you need to write a descendant of the TCPCTB2KImportHandler class (defined in CPCTB2KImp.pas) where you perform the import in the overriden Execute method. Additionally the import handler must be registered using the RegisterTB2KImportHandler method (also defined in CPCTB2KImp.pas) in a normal Register procedure. Finally add the unit with this code to an existing or new design time package and install it.
For a documented example of how to do this, please refer to the source of CPCTB2KImpMenus.pas which is included with the basic package and handles importing from TMainMenu and others.


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update 12/05/2002

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