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ConfigTreeView is a component typically used to adjust the advanced options of an application. It works exactly like the TreeView seen in Internet Explorer's Options dialog on the Advanced page.
This easy-to-use component allows you to provide a setup dialog with a few mouseclicks!
Unlike other full-blown TreeView components ConfigTreeView is designed for this particular purpose, so it is adding only a very small overhead to your executables. And it provides methods for loading and storing the settings. Using this component is a no brainer!
The ConfigTreeView is also compatible with most recent technolgies as it supports Windows XP visual styles (so called themes) seemlessly.

Below is a screenshot of the demo application which is included with the component:




ConfigTreeView with Theme support
ConfigTreeView now supporting Windows XP visual styles 


This component is free for non-commercial users. Anyone who is profiting materially from using this component is required to purchase the component for US$ 30 (for details see the Ordering Ordering section). Only users who have purchased the component will receive the complete source and free updates. Currently ConfigTreeView supports Delphi 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Main features

  • Treenodes can be saved and loaded from file, resource or any other stream, which may be very useful for localization.
  • Settings (that means the current state of the nodes) can be saved to the Windows-Registry or an INI-file with a single call.
  • The design time editor for the nodes is also availabe at runtime.
  • Two events, OnNodeChecked and OnNodeChecking are provided for customizable reactions. Through the Allow parameter of the OnNodeChecking event you can prevent the user from making a state change.
  • Easy to implement "What's This"-help for the nodes, as each has its own HelpContext property.


You can download an evalution version which comes with a complete setup application in the Download download section. This version is fully functional but works only while Delphi is running.


If you have questions about this component check the FAQ FAQ section, have a look at the demo project which comes with the component, refer to the online help or just send an EMail to EMail

Version history






Added support for Delphi 7



New Tag property for every node.
Displaying checkbox/radiobutton images now also works if no ImageList is used.
Editor preserves expanded state of items, so you can set expanded/collapsed states of every node at design time.
After loading items or upon first display of the component, it is scrolled to the first node.
Fixed problem with installer and improved IDE help integration.
Design time context menu now displays version information.
Dropped support for Delphi 3. 



Fixes design time AV which occured only in D5.
New UseThemes property to have "classic" look even under themed WinXP.



Added support for Windows XP themes.
Also implemented workaround for resource leak of the VCL (applies to D5 and D6 only).



The evaluation version now supports Delphi 6 update pack #1
Fixed incompatibility of the DFM file of the design time editor (new property introduced by D6). There is now a separate file for D4 and D5.



Added support for Delphi 6
Changed ShowConfigTreeViewDesigner: removed Designer parameter to get rid of the DsgnIntf dependence and added boolean return value which is True if any changes were applied



Fixed a bug with window-recreation; after changing e.g. BorderStyle the ConfigTreeView lost all the extra information for node; the nodes are now saved in DestroyWnd and rereated in CreateWnd
Changed stream format in a backward compatible way; it now saves the expanded state of each node too
Fixed drawing bug when ShowRoot=True and ShowLines=False



Added two methods: GetNodeFromKeyPath and GetNodeFromKeyPathRelative.
New Options property with currently one flag: ctoMustClickInCheckBox which is off by default.
Additionally the downloadable version is crippled now. That means it only runs while Delphi/C++Builder is running as well. Freeware authors may still request a free uncrippled version without source.



Added parameter AWriteBoolAsString to LoadSettingsToRegistry and SaveSettingsToRegistry so the settings of checkbox nodes may be read/written as strings. This was necessary, as TRegIniFile and 3rd party component IniOut are using strings when writing/reading a Bool.
Also fixed a bug in the setup which broke the uninstall.



initial release


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update 10/06/2002

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